What is Reformed?

The word “Reformed” points to the denomination’s historic roots in the Protestant Reformation, especially in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Britain, marked by a strong belief in the absolute authority of Scripture and the sovereignty of God in every area of life.

What is Presbyterian?

The word “Presbyterian” points to the way by which the church is governed. Christ alone is head of the church, and as its head He has called ‘elders’ who are elected by the congregation to lead His church. Salt and Light Reformed Presbyterian Church has a ‘session’ that consists of three ruling elders including a teaching elder (pastor). These elders are then part of a two larger ruling bodies called a Presbytery, and then a Synod. This provides for a system of government that has many checks and balances so that Jesus remains central and no single group or person holds sole authority.

Our congregation is part of a larger Christian community called the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA).